Spirit of the Old Town 29 October

A new town, a new development. Centuries have passed and we take for granted what we have now. But have you ever wondered what was here before? Or who was here before?

Want to find out? Come and meet the ghosts of Hemel Hempstead Old Town and hear the stories of times past!

Do you dare? Book here and join in the fun!

The tour begins on Monday 29 October at 19:30 and ends at approx 21:00 - meet at the gates of the Old Town 15 minutes before the performance time.

Please note that the Spirit of the Old Town do not allow any photography or filming during the tour but photo opportunities are available after each performance. Everyone is welcome but under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

For safety reasons tickets much be pre-booked here.


High St
Hemel Old Town
Hemel Hempstead

Entry Price

Adults £15 each; Child £7.50 each.

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